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3D printing materials for circular architecture products

Thermoplasts for 3D printing : Recycle waste, use bio materials.

Bio materials
The main material we work with is a bio-based PolyAmide (PA) developed together with Henkel. This material is based on renewable resources like vegetable oils instead of fossil fuels (not renewable). This material is easy to shred and re-print, at least 7 times. The bio-PA is available in any NCS or RAL color, but recycled material will get darker every cycle. That's why we love starting the cycle of products in white.

Recycled waste
We believe plastic is the new gold. The quality and properties of plastics are way more durable than the current main use of single used packaging. Which is also directly the issue for our environmental health. Plastics don't digest; once it is waste it will stay for ages in our system. That's why we print with a variety of post-industrial and post-consumer waste plastics, mostly PP (PolyPropylene). At the moment our stock feed is only available in Black, which gives limited color variations in gray. Products in rPP are recyclable by us in bulk.

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