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Connect to our XL 3D printing network & technology

The 3D printing method used is the so-called Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) based on Pellet Extrusion on a robot arm. We connect a complete industrial network, ready to print 24/7. Our in-house developed XL 3D Printing system is a complete and extensive package that offers one integrated solution for high quality large-scale 3D printing, made & offered to accelerate our mission.

Large size Robot arms for large prints
Industrial robot arms with 6axis and a maximum reach of 3.2 meters are used. The 7th axis is a track of 9 meters resulting in a large print-bed volume of approx. 170 m3.

High capacity extruder technology for fast printing
A high capacity industrial extruder with the flexibility of a robot; our unique extruder system allows it to be mounted directly on our robot arm. Controlled temperature zones give fine control over the temperature profile giving the resulting products better material quality. Our system has also been designed and developed to give very fine and accurate control of print line thicknesses and heights.

The control system for robot and extruder has been vastly integrated and upgraded by Aectual to bring better motion control, print queue control, and smart features, allowing the printing system to become more and more autonomous & smart. The system handles, checks and communicates with our platform for the management of print queues and print data. The whole system can be easily monitored and controlled online.

Digital factory = Smart Learning
The complete digitalisation of the design and production process means that there is no longer a need for cumbersome interchanges and data exchanges from design to production. Everything can be simulated and tested beforehand to reduce any errors and solve problems before they occur. All data and results are monitored and carefully brought together in a fully searchable, easy to access database. The work area is a paperless, accurate and efficient production factory.

Become a partner
We believe in the power of partnerships & eco-systems. Get in touch to connect to our platform with your XL 3D print capacity. We also offer our in-house developed industrial XL 3D print system to grow our partner network capacity. Robot, extruder, controllers & material processing systems, combined with proprietary software that seamlessly integrates all the components that the system is comprised of with our platform & products. Get in touch for more information.

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