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Create your Freeline custom room partition

Iconic people and events, require iconic interiors. Learn why legendary brands like Hermès and true icons like H.M. Queen Máxima of The Netherlands opted for several Freeline custom room partitions to make their unique, and sustainable, mark.

Royal Freeline room partition

When her Majesty Queen Máxima recently made an official working visit to California and Texas to discuss shared global challenges, this required a special backdrop for every location the Queen visited. That’s why the Dutch Consulate commissioned Aectual for a variety of Freeline custom room partitions made from recycled plant-based plastic. These screens provided the perfect solution as a practical, subtle and flexible backdrop that simultaneously told multiple stories about the Dutch-American relationship, sustainability, and innovations in tech.

How to design with the Freeline system

1. Your Design

The Freeline system is a direct conversion from your drawing into a 3D-panel. Considering just a few guidelines, you are free to design any composition with patterns, logos, and text.

2. Out of the Box

Freeline panels can have any shape. Multiple panels can be combined seamlessly into larger configurations. Individual panel sizes 500x500mm to 1300x2300mm.

3. Tubes

The lines in your drawing are 3D printed into hollow tubes, with a tapered front and back. Thickness for self-standing room dividers is 50mm, wall or window coverings are 30mm.

The system is available in 11 colors, custom PMS, RAL or NCS color at additional charge.

Pattern inspiration

To get started, go to the Freeline Tube system, and download the brochure. Here you find exact guidelines to start with your pattern design, and you can approach the design in various ways. You can start by creating a grid and overlay it with specific graphics or logos. You can also create a drawing from free hand, making sure that lines connect at least every 25 cm for structural integrity. Another option is to create a repetitive pattern based on a signature logo, something that Hermès for instance did for their Le Monde d'Hermès kiosk. By repeating the Chaine d’ancre, an iconic pattern was created forming signature shadows, that reflected the theme of the year 2022 at Hermès: Lightness.

Room divider ideas (and much more)

So, you can use the system to create a custom room partition, but much more is possible. Think for instance about furniture panels, and panels for temporary outdoor structures. Or create massive hanging or standing partition screens at fairs and events. In restaurants and workplace environments, custom backdrops and partitions add atmosphere and a sense of privacy. You can also create signature statements in hotel lobbies and entrances of offices. It can go as far as your imagination takes you!

Sustainable, fully circular solution

Our mission is to accelerate a fully circular way of making interiors and buildings. The Freeline tube system, like all our products, is produced on-demand and made-to-measure in a zero-waste and carbon-neutral production facility. Its material is a Bio-PolyAmide based on plant oils, and 100% VOC-free and 100% Red List free. The system is also part of Aectual’s Circular Service: Send back your products after use, and we recycle them into a new product. You receive 5% cash back or a 25% discount on your new purchase.

Excited to learn more? Email or phone us now, and we’ll be happy to give you instant feedback about all possibilities for your project!

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