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Aectual Launches 3D Printed Wood

Aectual’s Wood Series kicks off with customizable partition screens and window coverings, marking the release of a growing 3D Printed Wood collection. The innovative material perfectly aligns with Aectuals Circular mission, because it stores CO2, is fully biodegradable, and can be re-printed after use.

Aectual, the World’s leading furniture and finishes manufacturing platform that creates products in a circular loop via XL 3D printing of recycled waste materials, today launches 3D Printed Wood. Derived from wood-waste residue, the material blends natural ingredients including lignin and cellulose, mirroring the composition, color, and scent of wood. Its mechanical and physical properties make it ideal for high-quality 3D printing.

The Wood Series kicks of with Aectual's most beloved screen designs, the Curve, Nazka, and Mesh systems. Each system has its own unique customization features, enabling designers to create a totally bespoke look. The collection also debuts the innovative 'Stripe Ava' screen design system, drawing inspiration from mid century brise soleil patterns. This system offers designers freedom to compose their unique pattern, playing with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.

Versatility is key with these wooden screens, which can serve as wall paneling, room dividers, or window blinds. Their adaptability makes them perfect for office spaces, providing privacy screens or elegant dividers for open-plan layouts. Digitally tailored to exact specifications, they boast a maximum dimension of 1 x 2 meters. Connect them with nearly invisible seams to create larger areas, maintaining uninterrupted graphic design continuity across the entire surface.

The Wood Series seamlessly aligns with biophilic design principles. Its core attribute lies in its sustainability, as it stores CO2 within its material and is fully biodegradable. Derived from wood residu, the lignin- and cellulose-based material is reinforced with vegetable fibers such as flax or hemp for enhanced durability. Post-use, the products are reclaimed, shredded, and reprinted, ensuring a fully circular lifecycle.

All products come in three colors, Birch, Ash, and Oak. The specific nature of the wooden material combined with the visible 3D printed lines give the screens an extra level of depth and tactility.

With the expansion of its material portfolio with 3D Printed Wood, Aectual will introduce a growing selection of its diverse product range in this innovative material.

Experience the future of interior design firsthand at the Material District fair in the Netherlands from March 6th to 8th, where a selection of the Wood Series will be showcased for the first time!

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