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BYBORRE X Aectual circular clothes hangers

Hi Borre, of course we all know you, but for those who don’t: What is BYBORRE?

BYBORRE has grown from me being a textile designer, or textile specialist, to a textile platform, where our entire team works on democratizing the act of creating conscious textiles. Within all that, I’m the creative director who asks questions such as: What will happen with textile in the World, and how does it relate to the body, but also how do we work with raw materials, and trace their impact. Next to this, I’m now working on things like what the textile of the future will be, and how it would behave in the metaverse.

But, back to business; our commercial model is built on enabling creators to make conscious textile designs that have their own DNA, evolving around two things: impact and esthetics. We’re building a platform for the makers, a community of creators.

And now there’s also the WoTO™ space…

Yes, The Window of Textile Opportunities space. It’s nice hah! It’s really a logical follow-up of how we have been working the last 5 years. We’ve always been very open about our eco-system, sharing which yarns, machines, etcetera we use, and being very transparent about that. So now it was a logical next step to give all our partners a podium, a physical stage, at the WoTO™, where the open-source spirit and eco system literally and physically come together.

What can people do at the WoTO™?

Well, the Window of Textile Opportunity is a space where creators can educate themselves on the amazing and responsible solutions in the supply chain to create textiles.

WoTO™ gives them access to innovation and production via the Platform BYBORRE Create™️ where creators can design their own fit-for-purpose textile from the yarn up by controlling their impact and their aesthetics integrating their Brands DNA.

You knew that Aectual worked on circular interiors with fashion brands as Nike and Burberry, but what made you come to us?

I believe in an open eco-system, in always looking around you and being open to new encounters. In that case, that’s genuinely how we connected since we’re literally in the same street in Amsterdam. Then we noticed that we share many of the same beliefs and a certain mindset together. It’s a kind of new Zeitgeist we’re in. We both think in processes and in sharing these: We don’t do things just for ourselves but believe in sharing with others via our platforms. And of course, a major thing that I liked is your circularity; Literally trillions of cloth hangers for instance are being thrown away in our (fashion) industry every year. So, it was a lovely thought to make a circular, fully recyclable cloth hanger together with our interior designers La Bolleur and you.

Aectual 3D printed clothes hangers and torso’s especially for the WoTO™ space, but now soon the clothes hangers will also be sold via the Aectual platform. What do you think of that?

I like the idea that others will now also use it. I wish that everyone treated their ideas that way, helping each other. What I loved about the torsos, for instance, is that the party we approached at first, a company specializing in mannequins, gave us a tough time and wasn’t willing to share any files or ideas that would help develop the 3D printed circular torso’s. Now we created them with Aectual from scratch, they are great, and now the company got in touch after all! The time that only large companies can innovate is over and being smaller is an advantage to innovate.

Lastly, anything else you want to share?

Yes, everyone in the World should share a bit more with each other!

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