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Aectual 2021 Screen Design Competition

Aectual calls on all designers and design lovers to take part in the Aectual 2021 Screen Design Competition. Entries will be assessed by an internationally acclaimed jury comprising of none other than British designer Tom Dixon; Co-Founder of Thonik, Nikki Gonnissen; Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decoration NL, Evelien Reich; Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Michele Pasca di Magliano; and Co-Founder House of DUS / Aectual, Martine de Wit. The winning design will be revealed at our festive closing ceremony during Dutch Design Week 2021 on Sunday, October 24, where Aectual will launch its new screen collection.

About Aectual’s Screens:

  • Can be used in any space
  • 100% circular
  • 100% waste-free manufacturing
  • Made from plant-based plastics (100% VOC-free, 100% Red List free)
  • Entirely customizable design, made-to-measure
  • 3D printed on-demand only (no dead stock)
  • Designed by renowned and upcoming designers

Aectual's screens are versatile partition solutions that can be used in various settings, from private homes and offices to restaurants. They bring privacy and intimacy while adding structure to any floorplan. Screens are made-to-measure and produced on-demand by industrial 3D printing technology using plant-based plastic (based on flax), which is entirely recyclable. Choose from a wide color palette of no less than 17 colors and any RAL, NCS, Pantone color at an additional cost. All screens are part of Aectual's 'Circular Service', where clients receive a material deposit upon returning products after use. The material is then shredded and directly used to 3D print new products. House of DUS has developed the first line of screens and over time, more designs created by acclaimed and upcoming designers will be added to the available collection.

About the jury:

  • Tom Dixon, designer
  • Nikki Gonnissen, Co -founder Thonik
  • Evelien Reich, Editor-in-Chief Elle Decoration The Netherlands
  • Michele Pasca di Magliano​, Director Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Martine de Wit, Co-founder Aectual & House of DUS

The internationally renowned judges need no introduction. They have made their mark on the design scene and will evaluate the screen designs based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Aesthetics
  • Spatial use
  • Can it be manufactured by 3D printing (FGF*) / does it adhere to the Design Guide

*FGF printing stands for Fused Granulate Fabrication: a 3D printing method in which granular plastics are melted and fed through a nozzle onto a platform. After each layer is printed, the nozzle is raised, allowing the next layer to be added.

Why apply:

The winner will be announced during a festive ceremony at the Aectual showroom during Dutch Design Week on Sunday October 24th, 15:30 hrs, where the winner will receive:

  • 3D printed Award, presented by the jury
  • Recognition from the renowned judging panel
  • Your winning screen design manufactured
  • The option to sell the winning design via (all designers at the Aectual platform receive a rev share per sold product)
  • International Media announcement

Design Guide

  • Sketch your screen, this can be a hand sketch or a vector drawing
  • Make sure that your sketch contains a clear overview of the dimensions of the screen, in centimeters
  • The screen dimensions (width, height, depth) cannot exceed the dimensions as illustrated in Fig 1.
  • You can create a single-line design. Fig. 2 offers an example screen designed as a single layer.
  • You can also create a double-line design to add three-dimensional depth, as shown in Fig. 3. The black line will be the front of the panel, and the blue line will be the back. Do note that the lines cannot be more than 2 cm apart.
  • Make sure that your pattern design has substantial density. You can achieve this by ensuring there is at least a line roughly every 20 cm.
  • To provide structure, make sure that all lines are connected and there are no dead ends.
  • Take into account two hanging points.
  • Choose from Aectual’s wide range of 17 colors (see image at end of this page) , or indicate your desired RAL / NCS / Pantone code.

How to apply:

  • Send your design as an image (PDF or JPG) attachment via email to:​. You will receive a confirmation via email.
  • Ensure the design applies to the design guides provided
  • Attach the design as an image file (pdf, jpg)
  • Ensure that the image attachment with the design does not bear any signature or other marks that can reveal the author in any way
  • Share your full name and phone number in your email so that we can reach you in case of questions and correctly credit you in case you win.


  • Please submit your design no later than Friday, October 22, 23:59 CET.
  • In case of questions contact:​
  • No correspondence about the results

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