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From Drink Carton to Architecture

At Milan Design Week, Aectual presents fully circular and customizable partition screens, planter walls, and poufs. The furniture is part of the Drink Carton Collection, a large series of high-quality interior objects and finishes made from recycled drink carton material, demonstrating its second-life value for work, living and commercial environments.

Offices, hotels, and homes flourish by adding flora, and the Planter Screen by Aectual Studio does exactly that. Its 3D printed patterns create generous pockets for plants. The screen can be used as a self-standing divider or as an entire made-to-measure feature wall. The material has a matte, almost ceramic feel, which is enhanced by its terracotta color. It is made from PolyAl, a mixture of polymers and aluminium made from recycled inner foils of drink cartons.

From afar, the Puff Poufs by Aectual Studio remind somewhat of cacti, but these poufs are far more comfortable! They can be used as a seating element or coffee table and sizes can be fully configured to taste. Also made from PolyAl, and standard available in 17 colors.

The Gradient Curve Screen designed by House of DUS is based on customizable cells that gradually open or close, creating a mesmerizing gradient effect, casting shadows, and allowing for privacy precisely according to your own design. Use the system to create custom room dividers, window screens, furniture panels or feature walls.

The products are part of the Aectual X Tetra PakDrink Carton concept line. Its material can be recycled back into the system after use, making it “fully circular,” even after several cycles. After use, the products are shredded and re-printed into new products.

Hans Vermeulen, CEO of Aectual: “Almost 200 billion beverage cartons are produced every year and there are an estimated 5 billion buildings in the world. So, what if we were to turn those cartons into high-value architectural material and decrease the need for virgin material used for building and furnishing our daily living and workspaces? I’m positive that our collab with Tetra Pak marks a future where reclaimed and circular materials will become the standard in interior design”

All objects and systems are available for design professionals and a selection of objects is also directly available via Aectuals webshop. Aectual partner Tetra Pak has committed to furnishing its offices with Aectual’s interior furniture and finishes.

The exhibition can be seen at Masterly, The Dutch pavilion at the historic Palazzo Francesco Turati during Milan Design week, June 7 – 12.

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