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XL 3D Printed Art Display for Netherlands Pavilion at CES 2022

LAS VEGAS (CES 2022) and AMSTERDAM – JANUARY 5, 2022 – Marking its sixth consecutive year, the Netherlands (NL Tech) Pavilions, opened today at CES 2022, where they will showcase tech solutions for a responsible future alongside a 100% circular, XL 3D printed art display by Aectual. The 3D printed screens are made from recycled bioplastic and can be recycled and reprinted again into new products in the future.

The NL Tech Pavilions are dedicated spaces intended to foster collaboration, broker valuable partnerships and introduce groundbreaking NL tech solutions that solve global challenges across a wide berth of tech categories, including sustainability and resilience, AI, robotics and quantum computing, health and wellness, smart cities and smart homes, smart mobility and vehicle tech, data security and big data. The NL Tech Pavilion highlights its theme of “tech for a responsible future” through art and design with the addition of three, 100% circular, XL 3D-printed room dividers on display as the centerpiece of the NL Pavilion in Eureka Park. 

Aectual, the 3D printing pioneer that offers circular and customizable architecture products, has translated the Dutch story of innovation and sustainability into a 3D printed storyboard that references the Dutch 2022 CES theme: “Tech for a Responsible Future”. The 3D printed screens visualize topics including clean energy, data security and climate change. The Netherlands continues to use innovation to combat climate change and sea level rise, as such water is a key theme in the design, as is the blue of the European Union flag. Additionally, the Dutch-American relationship is portrayed by a traditional Dutch Canal House that meets the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. 

Made from 100% circular, sustainable materials in the form of plant-based bioplastic, the material for the room dividers was previously used for the seating area of the temporary convention center that was built in Amsterdam during the EU presidency of the Netherlands in 2016. After use, the bioplastic was shredded and reprinted into several new items such as the room dividers. Following CES, the room dividers will be used at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco and can ultimately be reprinted into new architectural solutions.

“The NL Tech Pavilion at CES 2022 includes two pavilions for the first time, which demonstrates and maps to the immense growth of the Netherlands tech ecosystem over the past several years,” said HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy to and the Netherlands. “In order to solve the urgent challenges we face today, we need to design solutions for the world we will live in tomorrow. Our start-ups and scale-ups have answered the call to accelerate the change together”.

Aectual is honored to have been invited to portray this acceleration of change with its custom screens that will reincarnate into new circular products in the future.

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